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Babies love to look at faces

Babies love to look at faces

Make a wall poster of family & friends for baby’s development.
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The Look Who Loves You poster is a fantastic tool for parents and loved ones to talk with babies or toddlers about what makes each person special, and why they are important to their lives.

Teaching faces and names

Pointing at faces, repeating names and asking questions like “Who is this?” or “Where’s Grandma?” will encourage responses, even if the child doesn’t fully understand the meaning of the question.

These interactions and conversations will start to build your child’s literacy and recognition skills by becoming familiar with faces and names. The poster encourages the child to look at the face, associate it with the name, and recognise it in the future.

Beautiful poster designs

The bright and colourful poster backgrounds will attract the baby’s attention and stimulate their senses.

Children read faces and use facial expressions as a guide to their world. Lots of smiles means that their world is a safe and secure place.

Smiles are the first building blocks for healthy relationships

It’s through these relationships, children learn how to think, understand, communicate and express emotions. A poster of happy, smiling faces on your child’s bedroom wall is the perfect way to ensure your baby can see loving smiles every time they look around their room.

Ease the fear of unfamiliar faces

Fear of unfamiliar faces is a normal part of early development but there are a number of things you can do to make your child feel more at ease around the unfamiliar faces of family and friends.

The Look Who Loves You poster is also a non-threatening, comfortable way to help children familiarise themselves with those people who still love them but can’t always be physically there.

The Look Who Loves You Poster is wonderful for:

  • Babies as young as 4 months who are developing their facial recognition skills
  • 7–10 month old babies where stranger anxiety is at its peak.
  • Toddlers who are learning to put names to faces
  • Children who don’t often get to see loved ones face to face

The Look Who Loves You poster makes a great gift for:

  • A child who has family members spread out across the country or the world
  • Baby showers
  • Newborn hospital visit
  • Christenings
  • 1st birthdays

Look Who Loves You poster is a beautiful way to show growing children that they are an important part of the family and these are the people who love them very much.

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