Make a wall poster of family & friends for baby’s development

Customised wall poster

The Look Who Loves You poster is a beautiful tool for teaching babies and toddlers the faces and names of people that love them.

  • Help babies and recognise and engage with the faces of loved ones
  • Help toddlers learn and connect names with faces of people you often see
  • A tool to talk with your child about what makes each person special and why they're important to their lives.

$9 Downloadable PDF

Make a poster

How it works

1. Choose a design

Pick one of our bright and colourful poster backgrounds to attract baby’s attention and stimulate their senses.

2. Add photos & names

Upload photos and names of your family and friends. Lots of smiles shows baby their world is a safe and secure place.

3. Download & Print

Download your high-resolution PDF file and take it to your local print shop to print. Printing the poster should cost around $10.

Get started now

A Look Who Loves You poster is a beautiful way to show growing children they are an important part of the family, and introduce them to the people who love them most.

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